Advice for life and work: Liz Gingell - Co-Owner of The Faerie Shop


I am so thankful to be on the Alex Young’s podcast Favourite Positions!

We are so grateful for all of the amazing customers making it possible for me (Liz) to co-own a shop with the beautiful Susie


"Liz is the Co-Owner of The Fairie Shop, a physical shop and online space promoting wellbeing and inspiring people to realise and live as their authentic selves.

The shop sells crystals, incense, jewellery, books, oracle cards, candles and more both in person in sunny Eastbourne and online!

She talks about the importance of listening to what it is that you don’t like doing when thinking about the kind of life you really want to have. Liz has learnt and continues to learn what she needs to about running the shop as she goes and doesn’t let the sheer amount of things she’ll need to get to grips with in order to make it a success put her off doing it in the first place because nothing matters more to her than freedom in her every day."

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