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Made with 100% natural ingredients and never anything nasty or artificial. Every Nothing Nasty product is 100% cruelty free & suitable for the most sensitive skin.

All of our products are made and bottled by hand in true artisan style in our idilic Sussex workshop in the heart of the British countryside. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products, as everything is formulated and produced under our own roof - No 3rd party labs here!

We're also powered by 100% green energy & all our packaging is recyclable.


Your order helps to repopulate rainforests and better our world for the next generation. It also helps us to create jobs for women in some of the worlds most remote communities.

Nothing Nasty was created to fuse the power of crystal healing with high quality skincare products. Our natural skincare range is infused with crystals to help cleanse your mind, body & soul.

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