Kinesiology uses muscle testing to detect imbalances in the body and find causes of symptoms. A treatment includes intolerance testing, dietary recommendations, endocrine balances, structural techniques and lymphatic work to assist a person in balance and wellness.

Kinesiology is a dynamic and holistic approach to health and wellness that explores the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and emotions. Rooted in the belief that the body possesses its own innate wisdom, kinesiology employs muscle testing as a tool to access this inner knowledge. Through gentle muscle monitoring, kinesiologists can identify imbalances, stressors, and blockages within the body's energy systems. These insights empower individuals to uncover the root causes of physical and emotional challenges, allowing for personalized healing and transformation.

Kinesiology sessions often involve a blend of techniques, including acupressure, energy balancing, and nutrition guidance, tailored to each person's unique needs. Whether you're seeking relief from physical pain, emotional stress, or simply striving for greater well-being, kinesiology offers a holistic and empowering path toward optimal health and vitality. Discover the profound benefits of kinesiology and embark on a journey to unlock your body's innate potential for healing and balance.

£55 for the first appointment including consultation then £45 for follow-ups.

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