Thai Yoga Massage

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1 hour treatment – £50
1.5 hour treatment – £70
Treatments over 1.5 hours P.O.A.

To book or ask any questions, call or text Ashley on 07717330528

As well as bringing a state of complete relaxation, which in turn helps alleviate stress, Thai yoga massage also has a number of other benefits.

It helps to increase flexibility and range of motion, relieves muscle pain and tension (which can also benefit you if you suffer from headaches) and also improves circulation and lymphatic flow.

Studies have also shown Thai yoga massage can reduce back pain and relieve joint stiffness such as arthritis in knees, assisting overall mobility.

Along with the relaxation, this treatment can be amazing at easing anxiety. Studies have shown that people who receive Thai yoga massage, test lower on measures of psychological stress following treatment.

Aside all of these wonderful benefits, it can also increase your energy levels, amazing if you need to re-charge.

What can I expect?

Thai yoga massage as we practice it incorporates muscle manipulation techniques with assisted stretches and meditation in order to achieve a deep state of relaxation.

This modality of touch emphasises that every physical body is different and has different needs, meaning that no two massages are the same.

Unlike typical Western massages, treatments are normally performed on the floor on a padded mat, with receivers fully clothed and without the use of oils.

Intuiton guides us through the massage and we trust the deeply embedded knowledge of human anatomy we have gained to guide us through our session. Through a practice of meditation we are able to tune into our intuition and allow the massage to come from a place of Metta (compassion).

Compassionate touch is not something widely used in the west, we are more likely to only receive touch from our very close or intimate relationships or when we are hurt, in contrast the Eastern world practices compassionate touch as a tool for healthy bodies, minds and souls. Science is now producing some evidence to suggest that compassionate touch can boost mood and health a phenomenal amount.

The Origins of Thai Yoga Massage

The origins of Thai yoga massage are strongly linked to India and the medical practice of Ayurveda. As Buddhism and Ayurveda travelled down into Thailand in more recent centuries about 1000 years ago, the Thai people used concepts of and principles of the vedic medical system to develop what we now know as Thai yoga massage.
This is a continually evolving practice and therefore new elements are always being introduced so the way it was practiced 1000 years ago is understandably very different to the way we practice now.


"My session with Ash was wonderful. She guided me into an intentional moment of presence before we began which set the tone of the practice of me."

"I felt safe and reassured throughout the session. She talked me through exactly what she was doing while she worked. She was very considered and attentive with her touch and pressure, checking in with me verbally to ensure I was comfortable in my experience and knew what to expect. She used props such as bolsters and blankets to accommodate me comfortably and enable me to get the most out of the massage. I felt supported physically, emotionally and mentally as I was guided through the process, falling into a meditative and introspective state at times."

"She created a safe, nurturing environment, which in turn granted me the sense of safety required to turn inwardly and self- reflect- which as we all know is a vulnerability in itself. While also learning more about my own body and where I hold onto things."

"Ash is naturally gifted and highly intuitive as a practitioner, with a keen eye for detail and attention to client needs and well-being.